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GFP at Cyclassics With Its Own Team

tl_files/frupo/engagement/frupo-cyclassics-2018-hamburg-3.jpgOn August 19th, the Euro Eyes Cyclassics took place already for the 23rd time. Together with 18,000 participants, Global Fruit Point participated for the fifth time with an own team in the “Race for Everybody”. Obviously, the event – which is considered the biggest bicycle race in Europe – was great fun for the members of the GFP crew.

Along the race course in the city of Hamburg – which was closed to traffic – approx. 250,000 spectators created a great atmosphere and cheered the sportspeople. Andrea Heinsohn: „Hamburg simply has an incredibly enthusiastic audience, and also the cheerful atmosphere among the participants makes the race something special.” Her team mate Gila Freudenthal adds: "The beautiful 60 km route through the Elbe suburbs is impressive. Many residents were sitting in front of their houses and watching the race during breakfast."

tl_files/frupo/engagement/frupo-cyclassics-2018-hamburg.jpgCo-managing director Sven Heinsohn and his team mate René Kollmann had registered for the 100 km distance. René Kollmann: ”It's good to participate in a group, the racetrack would be much more difficult to master for one person alone.“ Sven Heinsohn agrees with him: The course was challenging, but the atmosphere at the event was amazing." All GFP participants are convinced: "It was a fantastic day for all sportspeople and also for us as a team.”

Also this year, the fresh fruit for the participants was provided by Global Fruit Point.

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